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           6848 Firmament Ave.

           Van Nuys, CA 91406


           Phone   818 988 5599

           Fax         (818) 988-5599



Our work


Truth or Dare - Lionsgate Pictures

Norman – Sony Pictures Classics

Love & Mercy – Roadside Attractions

Intrigo - The Amazing Film Company

Dear Agnes - The Amazing Film Company

Death of An Author- The Amazing Film Company

 Samaria - The Amazing Film Company

Christmas on the Coast – Inspfilms

CAM – Pink Room Films

A Winter Wedding – Fly Free Films

Bed Rest – Good Soldier Films

Sweetheart – Blumhouse Productions

Spinning Man – Film Bridge International

Departures – Front Row Filmed Entertainment

Spruces and Pines – Tree Farm Films

Whiplash – Sony Pictures Classics

A Cowgirl’s Story – Samuel Goldwyn Films

Ray Meets Helen – Sneak Preview Entertainment

Meet the Patels – Alchemy Productions

Henry’s Crime – Moving Pictures Film and Television

Til Death Do Us Part – Footage Films

The Neighborhood – Mar Vista Entertainment

Howl - Radiant Cool Entertainment

To Be Friends -  To Be Friends LLC

Coming and Going -  Coming and Going LLC

Bonneville - Sen Art Films, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Bagboy - Mar Vista Films

Adult Swim Scripts -  Wee Pirate Films (internet webisodes)

Adventures with the Ambersons -  Hands in the Middle (internet webisodes)

Autofocus – Sony Pictures Classics

Elvis Has Left the Building -  Lionsgate Entertainment

Days of Wrath - Foxy Films, Independent

Mean Creek - Whitewater Films, Paramount Pictures

Greta - Whitewater Films

500 Days of Summer -  Fox Searchlight, Warner Bros

The Van Neistat Brothers - HBO Series

Videos with Roger and Waco - Internet Series

Kabluey - Whitewater Films, Regent Releasing,  Sony Pictures Entertainment

Kiss The Bride - Regent Releasing 

Shadow Factory - Regent Releasing

Left in Darkness - Cannell Films

Mysterious Skin - Desperate Pictures

Nearing Grace - Whitewater Films

Southern Baptist Sissies - Del Shores Productiions

Demon Hunter - Cannell Films

It Waits - Cannell Films

Road to Havilah - Cannell Films

Campus Ladies - MTV TV Series

Strangers With Candy- MTV

Come Early Morning - Bold Films

The Big Empty - Echo Lake Productions

Cloud Nine - Out of the Blue Productions 

The Shape of Things - Mepris Films

Mysterious Skin - Mysterious Films, LLC

Hillside Strangler - Nightstalker LLC

Nightstalker - Nightstalker LLC

They Are Among Us - They Are Among Us LLC

Promised Land - Promised Films LLC

Break A Leg - Catchlight Films

Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag - Motion Picture Corporation of America

Gang Related - Motion Picture Corporation of America

Asylum Days - Fresh Produce & Video

Outside Ozona - Ozona Productions

Code of Conduct - Toddler Picture

Dangerous Company - Upbraid Productions

The Flunky - Flunky LLC

Terror Tract - Terror Tract LLC

The Next Big Thing - KM Productions  

Fearing Mind -Jim Henson Productions

Mr. Baby - Wild Brain Productions

Rat in the Can- Rat in the Can Productions

TV Funhouse - Comedy Central

Telling Stories With Tomie - Jim Henson Productions

The Outfitters -Fringe Elements Productions

Poochini's Yard - Wild Brain Productions  

 The Animal Show - Jim Henson Productions

Bear in the Big Blue House - Jim Henson Productions 

The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss  - Jim Henson Productions

Farscape - Jim Henson Productions

Home Team - Jim Henson Productions 

Master of Horror and Suspense - Jim Henson Productions 

Muppets Tonight - Jim Henson Productions

Strangers With Candy -Comedy Central Productions 

Upright Citizens Brigade -Comedy Central Productions

Across The Line - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions  

Dish Dogs - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions

La Cucaracha - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions

Nowhere Land - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions 

One Hell of A Guy - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions

Shark in a Bottle - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions

Waiting to Inhale - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions

12:21 - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions

Romantic Moritz - Prosperity Films, Inc/7.23 Productions 

Carriers -Ed Ancoats, Inc

The Journey: Absolution  -Ed Ancoats, Inc

Convict 762 - Ed Ancoats, Inc

Apocalypse - Ed Ancoats, Inc

Dark Planet - Ed Ancoats, Inc

Timelock -Ed Ancoats, Inc

Down in the Valley - Down in the Valley Productions

Autofocus - Sony Classics - starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe

Laurel Canyon - Sony Classics - starring Frances McDormand

In Control of All Things - Shadow Machine Films 

"Thanks so much Clearance Unlimited,  for your super, fast delivery...."

"Wow, your title search report is so clear, it gives us peace of mind...."

"We didn't even know we had to clear the clips we were using!  You guys really took care of me....."

"Your clearances were so complete, the price was right, and you delivered our report fast..."


Mar Vista Entertainment

Krugman Associates

Crown Media

Uncork’d Entertainment

Hybrid LLC

Law Offices of Donaldson & Callif

Cartel Pictures

Pointless Studio Productions

Two 4 the Money Media

Mandalay Sports Media

G It's Entertainment

Cabin Creek Films

Momentum Pictures

Pure Flix Entertainment

All Channel Films

Morningstar Entertainment

Artist View Entertainment

Curiously Bright Entertainment

Quantum Releasing

Pinnacle Entertainment

American World Pictures

DMG Holdings

Law Firm of Laverne Berry

Law Firm of Richard J. Lee


               6848 Firmament Ave.

               Van Nuys, CA 91406


               Fax (818)332-5091

               (818) 988-5599




We create a Script Clearance Report that will provide the producer with information needed to satisfy their Errors and Omissions insurance carrier and to minimize the possibility of legal claims.  The Script Clearance Report will alert the producer to areas of possible legal exposure in the script by checking all names and noting possible conflicts with actual or otherwise protected names or entities.  We also check not only names and characters, but also businesses, schools, organizations, product names and locations. We will also check fictional names for you as a replacement for real ones.

We also note possible defamatory references in dialogue and actions as well as references to copyrighted material of all kinds, including clip, still photographs, books or works of art and props. Our research facilities include reference books, on-line sources and an elaborate database, which includes contacts for studios, celebrities, estate and representatives of stock footage house, photographs, etc.

Our Script Clearance Report is intended as research product and is not an insurance guarantee nor a legal opinion.  We can provide a legal opinion through the Law Offices of Suzanne R. Vaughan.


Script Clearance Report (100 pages)                      *$950 ($100 charge per script revision if asterisks  are attached)

Turnaround                                                               4-5 business days

All Scripts under 90 pages                                       $15 per page

Rush (1 Day)                                                             $700

Rush (3 Day)                                                                $700

Foreign or Extremely Technical Scripts                  $200              


PAYMENT – We do not start work until payment is received.


Credit card (no charge for use of the card) - We will send you a credit card authorization form.


INVOICE:  We need the following information to send you an invoice:

Production Company

Address, phone, email

Project Title



Name & Artwork Clearance                      $15/name for names etc. that do not appear in the original script

Artwork Clearances                                   $200/item that require contact and negotiation




We request you provide an end credit for Script Clearance that reads: 

              “Script Clearance – Suzy Vaughan/Clearance Unlimited”


               6848 Firmament Ave.

               Van Nuys, CA 91406


               Fax (818)332-5091

               (818) 988-5599

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