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The Copyright Title Search Report is a result of an elaborate and complete search of prior uses of your title as well as other similar titles. Although titles cannot be copyrighted, use of a title which is indelibly linked in the public mind with a film or television program and has thus attained “secondary meaning” (such as "Gone With the Wind") can subject you to possible litigation based upon the likelihood of confusion with and the trading off on the fame of such a successful film or book. The Report can also ensure that another producer is not currently producing a film or television program with the same title at the same time as your project. This Report will enable the producer to determine whether he can safely use his title. The report includes a search of the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress records, common law sources that provide information on motion pictures, television, videos, dramatic works, comic books, music and current tradepaper references, and Federal trademark records.     


The Legal or Title Opinion   While a copyright and title search is generally sufficient for Errors & Omissions insurance, your distributor or your insurance company may request a Legal Opinion on whether your title is safe to use.   We provide a document in which we give an opinion, based on the information in the Title Search, as to whether the title of the project is safe to use worldwide.


Copyright & Title Search                                             $475

Additional fee if title is less than 3 words               $100 to $600

Legal Opinion                                                               $300

Normal Turnaround                                                     4 to 5 Business Days                

2 to 3 Day Rush                                                            $200

1 Day Rush                                                                    $300


Payment – We do not start work until payment is received.


Credit card (no charge for use of the card)


We need the following information to send you an invoice:

Production Company

Address, phone, email

Project Title



email us:

Fair Use Report                                                              $750 – We will need information regarding material to determine fair use.


           6848 Firmament Ave.

           Van Nuys, CA 91406


           Fax (818)332-5091

           (818) 988-5599


               6848 Firmament Ave.

               Van Nuys, CA 91406


               Fax (818)332-5091

               (818) 988-5599

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